Submission Rules


Manuscripts should be unpublished original research on Tasawuf in general. Issues like how Tasawuf affect   societal interaction,  tasawuf and mental problem, zikr and intelligence, Tasawuf and social and cultural problems, Tasawuf and terrorism, Tasawuf and corporate management; are example of the scope of this journal, without limiting it to these areas.

Manuscripts should be prepared on A4 size white paper with 3 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm and 2 cm margins from the top, bottom, left and right respectively. Minimum 5000 to 10000 words.

Centred at the top of the first page of a manuscript should be the complete title of the manuscript and, with title in English, author may use Arabic or Malay for the abstract are with translator done by journal manager, if the manuscript in Malay or Arabic language, name(s) of author(s) affiliation(s), mailing and email address(es), then the abstract under the heading ABSTRAK (in Malay) and ABSTRACT (in English) (in Times New Roman, 10 points), not exceeding 200 words, keywords under the heading Kata kunci: (in Malay) and Keywords: (not more than five keywords, in bold, Times New Roman, 10 points) and followed by the text.

The text should be typed and single-spaced, using Times New Roman font version 5 and above for Roman characters, including the transliteration, while Traditional Arabic font 16 should be used for Arabic or Jawi characters.  Paragraphs should be separated by double spacing.

Please upload the template here.

1.1 Language Used

Manuscripts must be written in English or Malay. Article in Arabic Languange can also be considered.

1.2 Figures and Tables

A figure, table and illustration should be placed on the same page as far as possible, otherwise it may be placed on the immediate following page.

1.2.1 Label of Figures

A figure, photo and illustration should be labelled with “Fig.” and a table with “Table”.  It must be assigned an Arabic numerals as figure or table number; the figure number and title, and the table number and title should be placed on top of  the figure and table. the source of the figure and table, if applicable, should be palced below the figure and the table. The first letter of the title should be in capital letter.  Figure, photo, illustrations and tables should be placed in the middle of the page between left and right margins.

1.3 Sections and Subsections

Sections and subsections should be given the titles respectively. Capital letters should be used for the section titles.  For subsections, the first letter of each word should be in capital letter, followed by small letters.

1.4 Length of Manuscript

Each manuscript should not exceed 20 pages (in single spaced) including illustrations, and tables and reference. The page number should be written at the lower center of each page.

1.5 Footnotes

Each manuscript should use only a footnote system, and neither an in-text note nor an endnote. The footnote should follow the 16th Chicago Style ( The footnote should be typed and single-spaced, using Times New Roman font 10, and should be noted with numbers 1, 2, 3 respectively (which can be created by clicking Insert Footnote on the References tab in Microsoft Word). The author must also provide the footnote/sources in English if the manuscript written in Arabic language. The footnote should also follow the 16th Chicago Style.

1.6 References

References of each manuscript should follow the 16th Chicago Style (

References should be noted with numbers 1., 2., 3.  and typed and single-spaced, using Times New Roman font 12,  and placed it below the text of the manuscript. The author must also provide the references in English if the manuscript written in Arabic language. The references should also follow the 16th Chicago Style.

1.7 Author’s Biography

The author should give his/her short profile including his/her name, academic achievements, affiliations to professional bodies and working experience within 100 words at the end of the manuscript. This author’s biography should be typed and single-spaced and placed it below the references under the heading BIOGRAPHY.


Jahid Sidek obtained his PhD from University of Malaya in 1992 in Usuluddin.  Currently, he is Shaikh in Tariqah Naqsyabandiyyah Khalidiyyah now he leads the practice khalwah / Retreats / bersuluk.  His research areas include Sufism and Islamic schools. He has published a number of papers related to these areas.  He is also have Madrasah in Rawang Selangor.


The author must ensure that the submitted manuscript has never been published before and assume full responsibility for the contents of the manuscript.

3.1 Submission

The manuscript should be submitted in the digital file form “*.doc” which would be compatible for the computer application Microsoft Word 2013. Submission should be e-mailed to


Every article contributed will be reviewed at least by one reviewer from our editors or co-editors. The journal, due to certain occasions, has a right to sent it to the outside reviewer.

The published manuscript shall be a copyright of the World Sufi Centre, Pertubuhan Tarekat Muktabar Malaysia (PERTAMA), No. 33 & 35, 4th Floor, Jalan Medan Tuanku, 50300 Kuala Lumpur. It can be reprinted with a proper acknowledgement that it was published in International Journal Of Sufsm.

The published manuscript would not represent the stand or opinion of the Advisory Board, Editorial Board, Co-Editorial Board and the Management Team of Journal of International Journal Of Sufsm, or the World Sufi Centre, Pertubuhan Tarekat Muktabar Malaysia (PERTAMA), No. 33 & 35, 4th Floor, Jalan Medan Tuanku, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.

A complimentary copy will be distributed to the author whose manuscript(s) is (are) published in this journal if the manuscript(s) is (are) published in hard copy.