By: Qais H.A. Abu Younis



The Sufist Kadireeh Casnazaniyyah Tariqah is considered as a one of the most widely spread Sufi groups in different parts of the world. It has a comprehensive educational and scientific vision. What makes this Tariqah comprehensive and distinctive is its engagement in politics. Thus, this study seeks to answer a set of questions associated with this Tariqah: Is the engagement in politics considered as part of its sufist school? Or is it renewal by Sufism? Or does it involve in politics as a way of coping with requirement of the contemporary age? Thus, this study attempts to find answers to these questions on the one hand, understand the view of this Tariqah of politics and how it engaged in politics on the other. Using a systematic observation method to collect the data, the researcher paid a visit to the leader of this Tariqah, Sheikh Mohammed Abdulkareem Al-Hasani and conducted oral interviews with him and his followers. The researcher kept a record of all the answers and analyzed them. The study reveals the following findings: firstly, the concept of politics according to this Tariqah is not only cofined to the management of the state but rather more comprehensive. Secondly, the current practice of politics today is not consistent with Casnazaniyyah Tariqah. However, this does not constran its participation in the political arena and so it started the Iraqi National congregation party which is led by the deputy leader of the Tariqah, Mr Mohammed Nihro Al-Huseini. The purpose of building this party is to protect Da’wah and the followers of this Tariqah. It also aims at uniting the Iraqi people who have suffered a lot from sectarianism. Thirdly, the Tariqa views that the principal problem lies within those who practice politics rather than the concept of plititics per se. Thus, the leaders of this tariqah contend that practicing politics and its reform is a must.


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