By: Mohd hamidi Ismail



From one side of people’s view, customarily Sufism interpolate with stagnation. This type of view, its foundation came throughout from an assumption which originated from raw conclusion without enough detailing on Sufism’s conception. The truth is, Sufism battles all kind of indolence in a sense abstains humanity from development and progression. It summons toward progression with implying the best and suitable effective way to achieve it, which coherence the need of human’s spiritual and their physical potential. This has been documented in many series of Islamic Sufism studies which can be proven with absolute proof. Specifically, if referring to Sufism studies in Malay world, it remains studied until today and one of everlasting references is Hikam Jawi, by Shaykh Abdul Malik or infamous by the name Tok Pulau Manis. Seeking how’s the progression discourse applied in that book, this paperwork will discuss it focussing on Tok Pulau Manis’s selected description. Library method which focalizes on cross analysis will be the main method to accomplish the findings of this paperwork. From its preliminary findings, Tok Pulau Manis’s Sufism discourse is a consolidation discourse of Sufism and progression, as it has been thought in Islam.


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